Who the fuck is Yun Veroz?

2008-12-04 17:37:04 by YunVeroz

Yeah man, that fucker hasn't released any new tracks in weeks, if not months. Well, I've been busy with life, because it's a bitch. But in about 2 weeks I'll be back to normal, able to live happily and produce more and more music.

That doesnt mean I haven't been putting in work. That new sound I promised a long long time ago? It's been growing up quite quick. The name of the game is progressiveness, and I'm aiming for the high score, bitches.

So what can you expect? Expect every little rule and standard you ever knew about hiphop to be thrown completely the fuck out the window. More to come soon! 2 WEEKS!



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2008-12-05 21:53:55

Life is a bitch, billy. Because if life was a slide, it'd be easy.

Shit sounds dope.


2008-12-13 19:37:06

Your only call her a bitch because she won't let you get that pussy
Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests
Or maybe you're just an asshole who couldn't sweet talk the princess

Ass hole! you need to like lose the life man and make sick tunes so i can play them on my Ipod!


2008-12-14 23:13:55

Kiss the speaker wire, Peter Pacifier,
Peggin threshold!
Stomach full of halo kibbles,
Wingspan cast blacker porn visuals,
Eat a duck hunt ticker tape vision
And pick apart the pixels,
I got a friend of polar nature,
And it's all "Peace!",
Yet when I seek similar stars and can't sit at the same feast,
Metal Captain,
This cat is askin' if I seen his little lost passion,
I told him "Yeah" but only when I pedaled past him...

Ya'll start it and I feel the need to finish. Serious, Yun, get that ass movin'. I am fiendin' for progressiveness, samplistic breaktastmic forces, and crunchiness.



2008-12-17 14:49:28

Cuz all IG ever wanted was to pick apart the site and put it back together so it could be as old as him. GOOD TIMES INDEED!!

Also... we need moar sidechaining.


2008-12-19 00:04:39

Yes. As old as me. I am old. Very old. Which is why I can piano circles around ya'll young cats.



2008-12-21 19:23:34

Only thing you circle is the town clinic trynna pick up your next drug so you could sell it to get ya self a new midi controller. Get some epinephrine to sell to us youngsters.


2008-12-22 16:36:43

Epinephrine? You shoot too low. How about some mirtazapine, fexofenadine, or some oxycodone, or other opioid. Or maybe some Haloperidol? Aripiprazole? Sertraline? Zuclopenthixol? Maybe some Triazolam? Too low indeed.

No need to sell you any of that, though. The midi controller, mixer and mic are the least of my problems. But, if you want some drugs, I do need new monitors, soundproofing, and some rack equipment to round out everything. I've got my eye on a tube preamp, EQ, and some other nifty stuff. So, buy up!


2008-12-25 19:13:18

I'll just stick with my good ol' fashion cannabis. Good times imo.


2008-12-27 16:27:16

yall need to stop talking about drugs on my page. the feds are still listening


2008-12-28 13:54:48

Hey Yun...you still got some crack n***a? I need some, how much? >_>

YunVeroz responds:

the fuck kinda question is that? of course i do. keep it on the DL though, all these uppity white kids from the suburbs are trying to stick me for my paper.


2008-12-31 03:42:41

Get off the Mobb Deep tip Billy, we all know you're a southern hoe. Go listen to your T.I., Weezy, Yung Joc, and all the other garbage ass rappers who come from your vicinity.


2008-12-31 15:58:03

Ouch! That hurt W-S. We got Devin the Dude too. I mean, that must count for somethin' right?! Scarface? Come on! Even Nas respects Scarface.


2009-01-01 00:12:11

Scarface is basically a little version of Yun, so I give you that. And also, Happy New Years Yun. You teh shit, lets have our first track in 09 the illest collab since The Unspoken Song of Seeds.


2009-01-02 23:45:50

Yes. Collab. Give me motivation. I got the gear now it's time to get this poppin'!



2009-01-05 10:20:01

Fuck fool, your beats are tight. all i can say


2009-01-07 11:45:43

I know it isn't Mobb Deep, it's The Firm. Saying get off the Mobb Deep tip just made me sound cooler. And you guys sound super cool with all your filters and chit :D

Also... cocks.