Dun dun dun!

2009-01-07 12:01:41 by YunVeroz

alright, it's finally here. the official announcement of my first proper album. i know, i know, but this time it's definitely real, and it's definitely happening.

it's entitled... nothing, as of yet. I want to have the word "Deluxe" somewhere in it, though. be sure to peep the little preview of the imprint on the CD label, it's on some vintage vinyl shit. i'm looking to drop it towards the end of this year, so i'll be sure to keep busy.

content-wise, i have like 1 song done. i'm staring at it on my desktop right now. plenty more in the works. tons of wacky experimental sounds a la Automatic Panic coming your way, as well as some actual real instruments! (hopefully). it may have some features from your favorite NG rappers, maybe even a posse cut. this thing's in its infancy though, so that'll all be sorted out soon.

also, the whole kicker about this album is: it will cost $0.00! that's 100% cheaper than the next leading producer! i'm hoping to drop it under a creative commons license or something, so the biters can sink their little shark teeth into my shit, remix me, sample me, whatever. probably'll have to make a .zip with all the FLPs or something.

but yeah, that's about it, be on the lookout, some tracks might leak on my page for some reason, wink wink.


Dun dun dun!


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2009-01-08 07:19:42

Dun dun dun? I must say


And what other reason do you need to put your new music on NG besides, MEEEE!


2009-01-08 18:06:35

Can I wait? NO!


2009-01-10 05:27:08

Cant fucking wait m8. Have you ever been to what.cd ? They have a gr8 underground artist group where you can promote your music to over 80,000 audiophiles avid for fresh music. Hit me up if your interested.


2009-01-10 10:51:51

Or you can sell your beats for little to no commission on ROC BATTLE DOT COM

YunVeroz responds:

Eyo rocbattle hates my beats man cuz i'm never droppin the snare


2009-01-10 18:01:08

YunVeroz responds:
Eyo rocbattle hates my beats man cuz i'm never droppin the snare

I haven't noticed that till now!


2009-01-10 18:40:52

you are so cool. i want this album when it comes out. i pay for it to be printed and delivered!