Yun - Patient Zero (Q4 2009)

2009-01-11 14:37:31 by YunVeroz

alright, it's finally here. the official announcement of my first proper album. i know, i know, but this time it's definitely real, and it's definitely happening.

it's entitled Patient Zero. i'm looking to drop it towards the end of this year, so i'll be sure to keep busy.

content-wise, i have like 1 song done. i'm staring at it on my desktop right now. a shit ton of ideas down, and plenty more in the works. tons of wacky experimental sounds a la Automatic Panic coming your way, as well as some actual real instruments! (hopefully). it may have some features from your favorite NG rappers, maybe even a posse cut. this thing's in its infancy though, so that'll all be sorted out soon.

also, the whole kicker about this album is: it will cost $0.00! that's 100% cheaper than the next leading producer! i'm hoping to drop it under a creative commons license or something, so the biters can sink their little shark teeth into my shit, remix me, sample me, whatever. probably'll have to make a .zip with all the FLPs or something.

but yeah, that's about it, be on the lookout, some tracks might leak on my page for some reason, wink wink.


album cover finished. yay.

if any of you guys are into snowboarding or indie films, check out It's Cold, We're Cold, a documentary featuring music by yours truly and my boy warspawn.

also, got like 10 song ideas right now, most of them loops. my creativity is being a bitch at the moment, hopefully that'll change. oh, and i'm on soundclick now, for some reason:

Patient Zero - Session 1

/* */
Patient Zero. comin to a record store near me soon!

Yun - Patient Zero (Q4 2009)


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2009-01-11 14:41:47

nice, looks really cool


2009-01-11 15:34:35

Word, i cant wait to not be able to buy it!


2009-01-11 20:15:43

I will send you money when this thing is done to get a hardcopy.

YunVeroz responds:

well the whole point was to make cost like, nothing.
the plan is to release this thing as a .zip for people to download, enjoy, remix, whatever.

i don't have the money for big batches of hard copies, so i guess i'd have to charge like a few bucks for hard copies.


2009-01-12 23:00:54

Yun, that cover is amazing. Seriously lol, I love it. I look at it and it's like an abandoned asylum and goes perfectly with the title of it. I also think you should change your release date because it should be "Q4 2009." By the way, Spawn said that he wants to have raging hot sex with you in that same building in the picture, it turns him on ;)

YunVeroz responds:

god damnit, now i look like an idiot for putting 2008. good fucking job


2009-01-15 00:50:06

It turns me on indeed. God I need your MANonnaise. You see what I did tharr? Witty, amirite?

YunVeroz responds:

sometimes you just gotta get a little gay


2009-01-16 08:31:40

Sometimes you gotta get a lil gay.

But nonetheless cool!


2009-01-27 21:39:34

because...7 8 photoshop.


2009-01-28 11:24:31

You hear that guys? I'm a crime fighter. Don't fuck with me >:D

YunVeroz responds:

i fight crime by night. as a werewolf.


2009-01-28 20:19:43

Yo y u turn in to..a oanda..and you..fuckin producin musik haha.

This is 8...this is 7...cuz 7 8..photoshop
I love it
I cant wait to hear this Yun.
Btw how the hell are you better then me at photohop too!!!???
Is there anything ur nt good at Yun?
like seriously?


2009-01-28 20:38:54

Well I heard he isn't making an appearance in Street fighter 4!

OUCH! or is he?

YunVeroz responds:

secret unlockable character but shhhhhhhhhhhhh


2009-01-29 00:02:10

7 8 photoshop priceless


2009-01-29 13:01:25

lol i play wow sometimes :P

your voice is from a demon i swear

release it in aus :P


2009-01-29 16:43:35

Sick stuff man, definatly one of the best musicians on NG


2009-01-30 16:19:48

that video's awesome! goood luck on the album! ay i'd like to work with you if your down pimpin? drop some vox or some dual production work..i was gonna ask how's FL 7 handle i'm using FL 8producers edition XXL shits dope but its so damn ocnfusing at times lol!

holla at me at aim though pimpin

icemanakatwitch thats ma sn

peace and blessings



2009-02-02 02:40:29

Lookin foward to the album drop, keep up the good work!


2009-02-02 20:33:14

Wow this is like seeing Willy Wonka come out of his chocolate factory :O!!!!! lmao ok not really but still, I've never seen the face behind the music o_O video was funny as hell just have that sarcastic voice that makes all funny things even funnier. Anyway...the album copy...looks awesome. :] Any estimate of when this epic project will be done?

YunVeroz responds:

December 21, 2012, shortly before the apocalypse. i chose this date so when jesus comes back, he can listen to my album and be like "OH SHI, GUYS THIS SHIT IS AWESOME. DAD, WE GOTTA PLAY THIS SHIT IN HEAVEN, YO"


2009-02-21 02:07:12

I need more PandaYun. When's the next video? I wanna see yo slick samplin' skills and all those sidechained compressors.


2009-02-22 19:11:59

looking forward to it man


2009-03-02 16:33:19

FL8 is scared of FL7

cus 7, 8, .....Photo Shop...LOL