Patient Zero EP

2009-06-03 14:13:26 by YunVeroz

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Red Shores
Three Words
Lucky Stars
Blue Moon Bounce

Download them all in 320kbps MP3s with cover art here.

NEW! Patient Zero: Outtakes & Outbreaks
6 scrapped beats & loops off the cutting room floor, that would otherwise gather dust forever!

"Daydream" Music Video

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Patient Zero EP


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2009-06-03 14:16:53

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


2009-06-03 14:20:09

that cover is tough....



2009-06-03 14:45:57

fuck yes


2009-06-03 15:38:38

Modaing! giggity-gasp yo! finally!


2009-06-05 17:18:27

could you repeat that i couldn't read that cuz i was hit with a big bag of wtf!


2009-06-06 11:41:53

fucking mindblowing yun! Down loaded, Loved, and fucking think your a god! dude why dont you go fucking pro!


2009-06-06 12:39:15

Excellent work man. I love Blue Moon Bounce and Red Shores in peticular, but the whole album is incredible, with an absolutely sick cover to boot! Keep up the great work man, I love it.


2009-06-11 17:54:08

in the begining i wud of D/Led this no doubt

now i barely care any more

good luck with it i geuss

but i lost intrest...

YunVeroz responds:



2009-06-14 19:22:27

Impressive work Veroz. By far some of the best quality sampled music I've ever heard. Keep it up


2009-06-15 01:53:00


u wanted me to go all crazy like all these other raging fanboys u have here?



:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D [continues 30 times]

-_- happy now?

still not intrested

like i said, good luck with it

(Updated ) YunVeroz responds:

no, i'm just mildly confused. if you're not interested, then why waste time coming to my page and saying so? does it make you badass or something?


2009-06-15 13:43:15

it doesnt make me a bad ass

i simply wanted to wish you good luck with it.

i visit your page becouse i wanted to see if u dropped any new tracks on New Grounds.

but your not what ur used to be so im not downloading

but at the same time not hating

so good luck, and hope all goes well for your new album


2009-06-15 13:45:21

But insted of a

"Thanx Buddy Best to you too. -yun"

i get

"are you tryn to be a bad ass mr. gangster pants?"



2009-06-20 23:05:39

Incredible thanks times a million


2009-06-20 23:44:03

Next EP or LP you're thinking about making, I wanna do the art cover, I wanna be apart of the dopeness.


2009-06-21 14:54:32



2009-06-27 16:26:41

Fuck, this is amazing. I've only listened to Daydream so far and I'm addicted!!


2009-07-22 20:44:50

It's a great EP, and Blue Moon Bounce has got to be my favorite song from here by far! Your music is one of the more refreshing, original works out there; your music is one of the best underground music out there.

I'd suggest using TuneCore in the future and get your music on iTunes. I'm sure you'll do well, and you'd accomplish more.


2009-08-01 03:54:15

will there be a music video?????


2009-08-03 05:08:11

Massive respect... you're one of the finest on newgrounds. All tracks are cleanly sampled and seamlessly executed. You put to good use a lot of breaks that I've thought to be useless which was very entertaining to hear! I really dig the switch to double tempo in blue moon bounce. You may want to try your hand and liquid drum and bass--you seem to have a knack for making very soulful sounding tunes regardless of tempo.

Keep up the great work, I'll be checking your page frequently.



2009-08-15 23:39:25

tony i dnt care what other people say i still love your musical cock now make me a beat for my mixtape


2009-08-16 05:17:11

i prefer your daydream to the beat Lupe Fiasco was on :D


2009-08-22 16:48:08

Sweet man, I've been wating for Patient Zero for a while now. From what you like here, I'd have to say Red Shores is my favorite. Just out of curiosity, do you have any more tracks along the same lines as "Dig It" in Patient Zero?


2009-09-04 19:12:47

The outtakes and outtbreak tracks are cool. keep it up Yun.


2009-09-08 09:45:09

where can i download outtakes and outbreaks? that has some great tracks!

(Updated ) YunVeroz responds:

there SHOULD be a link to download all the tracks, underneath the little track player. it'll ask for your email, file format, and email you a download link, as well as add your email to my list of spam targets

also, HI P BALLA


2009-09-13 01:52:03

yeah call me a homo but man these are mindblowing! hell three words got me so over wheld man i started to try from the pureness of the track. steller


2009-09-13 09:42:00

Thanks Yun. Can't believe i missed the big bold blue writing stating "DOWNLOAD ALBUM"

Anyway its downloaded now. good shit :)


2009-09-17 13:44:19

Okay, really. You have to send me all of the outtakes and outbreaks. There's so much that could be done to that.

Besides "I Let U Go" I think I could possibly add some shit in there that'll make you be all like, "OH SHIT SPAWNGH, LETZ FINEESH DIS SHIT RITE HURR BRAH"

in those words precisely.


2009-09-18 01:56:52

YES spawn do it. i would love to hear all them in full length, finished.


2009-09-24 19:43:44

Downloaded this last night and I gotta' say man, it's absolutely excellent. I really like Three Words & Daydream but the whole thing is good man. It's goin' on my iPod where it's gonna' rack up quite a few plays! Thanks for the quality music man.


2009-10-17 01:52:43

fucking sick.


2009-11-15 12:44:31

Hey man, it's good to see this thing is out. It's been a while, but I'm really diggin' some of this new stuff. I'd love to use some of your material again for some upcoming projects. Everyone loves the soundtrack of It's Cold, We're Cold, and everyone that asks, I send to you.