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Rock Beats Paper

2008-10-09 17:30:51 by YunVeroz

college is a bitch. i'm switchin out of engineering to a business degree that will pretty much do the same thing for me in the end. more time for production, anyway!

in other news, warspawn and i are trying to ramp up our shit, push envelopes and all that good stuff. we will be samplers till we die, but we might just branch out a bit and start working with artists we typically wouldnt work with. in reality, we wouldn't really work with anyone else because we're both antisocial, but whatever. be on the look out for some new shit.

i hope people have enjoyed the last few tracks i posted, especially the ones going back to wu-tang, lo-fi basics. after listening to "36 chambers" and "return to the 36 chambers" for months on end, shit starts sounding too clean. i dont expect it to change anytime soon. ironically enough, while the kids are listening to new, clean, fresh sounding hits on the radio, i'm going backwards and trying harder and harder to make stuff sound dirty.

for now, my lyrical debut is on hold indefinitely, the current plan is to just write for 2 or 3 years straight while focusing on producing.

hopefully, me n spawn can make a whole album together. frankly, today's shit sounds like it comes off an assembly line. same mastering, same sounds, all marketing and no art. funny how the more mainstream sounding artists on this site can actually make art, and the mainstream artists out on the radio can't.

at any rate, expect a step forward and backward in production. rewind 15 years ago, that's where we're headed. marty mcfly wont have shit on us, we will bring back those beats of old and bring the fucking ruckus.


Style Shift, Yaaay

2008-08-03 16:32:36 by YunVeroz

Currently under the weather, being bashed in the sinuses by meteorologists with some kind of infection, I reckon. Anyway, currently working on a little something something that sounds REALLY different from my previous work, be it with Warspawn or on my own. With any luck, I'll be able to turn it into my lyrical debut, over a year in the making! :P

Uhhhhh.... yeah, that's about it. Starting back up university study/day to day mental grind in a few weeks, so that will be fun... oh, and Lucky Charms is da shit.


Zen & The Art of Hip Hop

2008-07-18 12:41:06 by YunVeroz

Sampling is the bastard, inbred child of music. It is a recluse, cast away by the tight clique of so-called "legitimate" genres, forced to wallow through a dusty sea of modulated spiral grooves cut into vinyl acetate. There, it is left to drown, subsequently buried in an underground chamber of veritable appreciation.

There are a few rules to sampling, however:
1. There are no rules to sampling.
2. You may sample whatever the fuck you please.
3. Refer to rules 1 and 2.

Regardless of what goody-two-shoes proclaim, sampling is an art. It is the creative process of taking someone's artistic vision and combining it, both with others and one's own, to paint a lush landscape of sound only your ears can see. It brings to light a plethera of records that have been set aside only to collect dust and grow old. The sampler's duty lies in reinventing these songs, these sounds, these visions, and bringing them to the surface.

Copyright infringement? Nay, instrinic art form. Potato potahtoe. Two peas in a pod that will continue to rot slowly. The lowly art of sampling is not unlike allowing the music of old to be reborn in a way, to be given a fresh start, a new audience to cherish it. Then why prohibit this bastard child of the music world from being adopted by a loving family?

Speaking of bastard children, the hiphop community has to deal with a wave of them that are for reason invading the mainstream. Hiphop used to be about the art. The art of expression. Expressing your anger at the government, at society, at the cops, your mom, your pops, whoever. And somehow, over the past decade it's degraded into a radio-wave bitch fest infecting car stereos near you.

I'm glad you can express how you want to lick people like lollipops, how your boots are covered in fur or how you party like a rockstar, but shit, man, what happened to the real hip hop music? The one that actually delivered a message that wasn't just about entertainment?

We are watching the degredation of the music "industry" into what is really just one big entertainment industry. And then the government wonders why so many people are bootlegging shit. I'll tell you why: because it isn't worth dropping $15 on an album that's got maybe 1 or 2 tracks that aren't utter shit. Bootlegging has become practically the only way to find the true artistic creations of hiphop. It's as if there's a complete lack of quality control above ground, of filtering out what is crap and what isn't.

Ironically, the hiphop that actually contains a message, what the genre was truly about, is now found almost completely underground. Instead of defining the genre as what it truly is in the limelight of the mainstream, it has just been cast aside like the countless old records that continue to be sampled for the sake of the art that is hiphop.

Therefore, I challenge you, the fellow hiphop artist. Prove to yourself and to the rest of the community that hiphop is still an art. Prove that not everyone is in it for the money and fame, but for the passion they have in creating truly creative visions for others to share and enjoy.


*The author of this article condones piracy, sampling, copyright infringement, graffiti, defacing property, loitering, and bringing the fuckin ruckus.*

Going into seclusion

2008-06-02 16:19:37 by YunVeroz

new project, it's gonna be big. and recorded to DAT, then to mp3. it's gonna take a while to make. what is it? probably 40 minutes of purely sampled goodness with cuts and scratches you've never heard before. so yeah, leave me alone.

Scientists at the Yun Veroz Institute for Sound Research have discovered production secrets from MFDOOM and Madlib, leading to the creation of new, phatter, chunkier, and even MORE compressed breaks. Side effects may include loss of sight in the third eye, bleeding from the ears, broken necks, and chronic explosive thought syndrome (CETS)..

I've also been DJing a lot around town at local parties, mainly poopy techno and my favorite, Drum n Bass. Thanks to shit finances, I have to use my laptop instead of tables, because the tables are no longer in my possession. Eventually I wanna get at least 1 deck so I can start doing some turntablism bits.

The Complex EP is done, but you probably didnt even noticed. It didn't really end up how I wanted it to, so I'm a bit disappointed. Hopefully once motherfuckin Warspawn fixes his internet I'll be able to help him out on the Black Hand Assassination LP, so be on the lookout for a few tracks on it featuring yours truly that will probably put my previous ones to shame. All I can say is there will maybe sorta definitely be a VIP mix of my song "Event Horizon" on it, one that will blow the original version out of the water.

I dont even know what my next project is. I've been writing again, so maybe something lyrical (yeah, fucking finally, right?) or perhaps some extreme sampling. We'll see what happens.

Currently listening to MF DOOM - Special Herbs, Cut Chemist - The Periodic Table/Litmus Test/5 Turntables.

P.S. I've never really gotten asked to collab except for by like 2 people, and I'm not even that popular (thankfully) that enough people are reading this. But if you do wanna collab, I am not a people person. I've only collabed with Warspawn thus far because we have pretty much identical mindsets when it comes to producing and sampling, but we have different styles that mix well together. You can harass me on AIM all you want for tips, mastering, EQ, "oh hey how'd you do this on such n such beat?", all that bullshit, but collabs i'm rather hesitant on.

The Complex EP!

2008-05-02 09:26:18 by YunVeroz

1. Mary Jane
2. The Sound of Love (feat. War-Spawn)
3. Copyrong
4. Take A Number
5. 2084

The Complex EP!

...keep grooving in order to form a more perfect union.
I'm not sure if by posting here I'm helping myself inform my brain what the hell is happening in my life, or the handful of people that bother to read this.

Regardless, first year at uni's almost done. As an engineering student, anything above failing is a god-send. Oncoming lazy summer days will be spent gathering crimson labor dollars in the 9 to 5 wasteland.. hopefully to buy some production gear with (the old-ass Casio sampler mentioned a week ago wouldn't be too bad).

Currently working on some projects that involve some incredibly heavily sampling. We're talkin 5 or 10 different records PER SONG, minimum. Giving it my own spin, scratches, twisting and pitching down, etc. I guess it could be described as RJD2 meets Blockhead meets Cut Chemist meets a giant fucking blender.

Be on the look out for that, as it will most likely be going on the forthcoming Colossus Complex EP. Speaking of which, I need to design some art for it, too, so look for that here soon as well.

Attached image represents the project thus far.

We the starving artistic militia...

The End of an Era

2008-04-02 08:23:08 by YunVeroz

After some extensive soul-searching, I've decided to stop using Ableton and FL Studio in favor of an old Casio SK-200 sampler. Prepare to enjoy all my future productions in glorious 10kHz sample frequencies! No extra bit-crushing needed!

love and plutonium,

p.s. Happy (Belated) April Fool's Day

Collosus Complex EP Forthcoming

2008-03-06 13:27:56 by YunVeroz

I have decided that instead of making a full album, I'm going to make an EP with 5 or 6 tracks, instrumentals and my own vocal works. The new products I mentioned in my last post will also be included. My brother Yang ( will be helping me produce some as well.. Stay tuned.

For whoever reads this, the lack of activity in terms of posting new songs only belies the mad amount of production going on in the shadows. Expect a new work quite soon that will test the limits of the genre you call "hip-hop." Extreme sampling mixed with original scores will yield a most pleasing audio experience.

Exams currently stressing me to hell, causing me to lapse back into depression, hitting the bottom of the barrel emotionally yet again. This is probably like the 8th time in my whole life. Old news.