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Mad Villainy and Collabos?

2008-01-29 12:34:41 by YunVeroz

I did a bad thing. I listened to Madvillainy, the greatest hip-hop album of all time ever, for like the 30th time again. For the blasphemers that don't know, Madvillain is a collaboration between Madlib and MF Doom.

Anyway, I'm dealing with university crap again. Longing to touch vinyl once more, I recorded some Johnny Pate and Curtis Mayfield records, so hopefully I'll be able to actually finish a fucking track for once by sampling these massive tunes. I've got plenty of breaks in the pipeline, but no musical elements to back them up.


If you are interested in collaboration on heavy boom-bap shit with an oldskool vibe to it, hit me up on AIM: djsitrom .

(Note: boom-bap shit =/= crunk, dirty south, rap, r&b, et al. We're talking old school block parties, b-boys and boomboxes. Get at me)

Even Darker Days!

2007-12-10 12:23:54 by YunVeroz

To the handful of people reading this: first, thanks for stoppin by! Second, some notes:

- The Black Hand Assassination project's ball is officially rolling, albeit at a slow but steady pace. Check out War-Spawn's page for the tracks so far. This tape is gonna be an acoustic field trip into the war-torn world in which we live today.

- Speaking of War-Spawn, on a sadder note a friend of his has passed away due to a stroke. A very upstanding guy, as well. Please show him some love/support. :(

- 2008 is right around the corner. That's why I'm gonna be starting a fresh project called 2084. It's going to be heavily influenced by one of my favorite books, 1984. A clever little play off the title, I know. Expect some dark, twisted, and paranoid atmospheres accompanying minimalistic beats that'll still get your head bobbin. Maybe I'll finally be able to include my own Aesop Rock sound-alike voice to use and flow over them, who knows?

Final words and reflection:
Holidays are meant to be happy. I know a lot of us, including myself, go through hard times We all do, that's life. Keep your head up and express yourself in your lyrics, in your instrumentals, in your art, in whatever it is that you do. The only thing that we want from you is to keep it real.

To (loosely) quote Vast Aire, nobody wants to hear about living in a broken down home, eating mayonaisse and black pepper. People wanna hear about being on the beach with a beautiful woman and a BMW.

The point being: give people what they DON'T wanna hear, and you'll make a connection much stronger with them than giving them what they DO want to hear. Some food for thought. Keep it, chew on it from time to time. It's delicious.


Dark Days

2007-11-27 15:39:31 by YunVeroz

Got something really really dark in the works... expect it for Christmas. A whole barrage of noise that'll get your head moving. Mostly experimental stuff.

Also, kudos to war-spawn for being such a bad ass and sampling Hitman.

Yun on Myspace + New Project

2007-10-20 16:05:27 by YunVeroz

So I've got a myspace now for all my adoring fans (lol):
Be sure to add me as a friend!

Also, I've got a new underground project in the works with my boy Kill Bill, entitled Killinja, so be on the lookout for that soon!

First off, thanks to the people who have been giving me some great support on my more recent songs. I know I'm still new here, but at least I'll still be famous for being unknown. At any rate, thanks for the votes.

Anyway, I have some major projects I'm working on in between work and classes:

+Writing lyrics: Currently I have pretty rough demos, but the style can be best described as Aesop Rock meets MF Doom. More to come in the coming weeks.

+Production tools upgrade: Finally switching to the latest version of Ableton, and I must say the Racks are sweet.

+New sound: Experimenting with mixing synthesizer sounds with old samples from any sample-worthy vinyl I can get my hands on (something I wish I saw more off on NG, to be honest)